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I recognize that time is precious. I value the time you take out of your schedule to see me. You will be greeted with refreshments and a warm smile. Make yourself comfortable in our cozy waiting room.

Let this be your place of restoration. 


Massage Therapist


A brief history... 

Hello Friend,

To be frank, I fell into massage therapy. I never thought I'd be the "I just fell into it" type of person. Prior to massage therapy I worked harrrd to earn an unrelated BS degree and then a Master's degree. Somewhere in there I took a massage class to relieve tension and fell completely in love with it. I continue to be surprised and humbled by how well my clients respond to treatment with me. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude that something so fun for me is also therapeutic to those I work with. Whether you're looking for a light touch to calm the nerves or a deeper touch to break up tension I'm happy to meet you. For the most up to date availability schedule online here



Client Reviews

“Nicole is THE BEST massage therapist I have ever worked with.  She is kind, she is strong, and she is deeply committed to you having an excellent experience.  She truly loves doing bodywork, and it shows. She genuinely wants feedback on your likes and dislikes.  She is never rushed, never perfunctory.  I think the value for the experience is unbeatable.  She also is trained in prenatal massage.  She’s just one of the nicest people out there, with super strong, attentive hands to boot.” -Madeleine M.

"Nicole goes the extra mile.  She pays attention to all the details that let me fully relax and receive the full benefit of the massage.  Really an excellent experience.  Thank you so much." -Lance B.

"The massage I received from Nicole was the best I have ever had, and I have had really good therapies.  The setting was so comfortable, clean and relaxing; nice music, decorations and candles.    She utilized a variety of methods; heating pads, stones, stretching, etc.  and asked for feedback to meet my therapeutic needs.  However she only talked to request feedback, and to answer any questions I had.   She advised me on ways to use home therapies more effectively.  Overall I feel so much more relaxed and my neck tightness is relieved!   I recommend her therapy without reservation." -Ellen G

"Nicole is a very professional and skilled massage therapist. Best massage I ever had. Very relaxing yet worked out the kinks. She works to optimize health and release pain and discomfort. Nicole is one of a kind and I promise you will be amazed at what she can do in just one session. Not five but ten stars. -Jolanta J.

"Nicole is the ONLY massage therapist I will see. She's so sweet and very focused on helping you relax and get your body feeling well. She makes every visit extremely comfortable. Highly recommend her." -Ari W.

"Nicole gave me the best massage I've had in more than twenty years of treatments. She's without question a true pro and I'd recommend her to anyone. Her office is quaint and comfortable, the ideal setting to put anyone at ease. She's thorough and I left my first appointment with her pain-free even though my back and shoulders were in knots for several weeks before seeing her.  Great, great service." -Patricia Q.


"Nicole is the woman behind Anicca Massage. Not only is she an amazing massage therapist; she is also a kind and wonderful person. I have been getting massages on and off for about 15 years now and finding an amazing massage therapist can be tough. I found Nicole 11 months ago and have been getting monthly massages ever since. Nicole is hands down the best massage therapist I have ever encountered.

I'm not an easy person to massage by any means. I hold a lot of tension in tough knots in my shoulders and I'm also very ticklish. Nicole guides you through a massage gently but in a way that allows her to get deeper into the muscle and break up the tension; for example working with your exhalation to allow for deeper muscle release.   Make time for yourself and see Nicole, you won't be disappointed!"  -Jenni L.

"Nicole is a true professional and absolutely phenomenal. This might've been the best massage I've ever had. She was very attentive to problem spots and stayed until the issue was resolved. I could not be more satisfied. If you are looking for a massage therapist who is professional and extremely attentive to your needs, this is your person." -Richard 

"It feels amazing to be pain free!!!!! 10 years ago I had an accident that left me with excruciating pain. I have a child who needed PT at the time and so I couldn't afford to have myself in physical therapy, too. Ever since the accident it hurt to lift my arm, hurt to wash my hair, it hurt to brush my teeth because the knot was there. It hurt to lie down to sleep. I just got used to the pain. Stretches and exercises didn't help. Because of the pain I would hold my right arm in most of the time and now I can move it freely. It hurt all the time and now nothing! Can't wait for my next massage!" -Jessica B.​

"Best massage I have had! Nicole does an amazing job working with you to find the areas that need work and I left with the knots in my back feeling much better. Highly recommend!" -Kate S.

"Dear Nicole, thank you so much for my wonderful 2.5-hour massage! I was impressed with my prior masseuse, but you supersede all expectations. My only regret is that I didn’t come to you sooner and I will miss you dearly when you move. It’s not just your outstanding massage skills that make you exceptional, but your thoughtfulness, thoroughness, dedication, and caring, too. I love that you check in about pressure level, I love the heated, comfortable table, the hot stones, heating pads, warm eye cover, and your soothing touch; the whole package is wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic. Your future clients in Flagstaff will be privileged to have you and the ones in Tucson will be sad to lose you." -TG.

"Nicole was recommended to me by my doula some time ago, but I didn't have the chance to see her until recently. I cannot recommend her enough. I am 4 months postpartum and nursing, as well as life and its many stresses, has done a number on my back. I was a big 'ol knotty mess. I had the most delightful, relaxing, and helpful visit with Nicole. She did an amazing job. I can feel how much better my neck and back are following the massage. As a mom to an infant and a toddler, I am always running around and doing things for everyone else... with a recent return to work I really needed some self-care. Nicole certainly made it worth while. I cannot stress enough how great she is! She is absolutely worth a visit. I know I'll be back!" -Ali P.

"Nicole is soooo amazing and passionate! It's the highlight of my week when I get a massage from her. She really is helping reduce my chronic pain." -Melissa C.

"After having a Thai massage from Nicole, it will always be my preference! She skillfully and artfully massages my muscles, stretches me and takes me through range of motion. Besides all of that, her head, neck, shoulder and TMJ massage are incorporated and are the best I have ever received. She has customized the 90-minute massage to really relax and rejuvenate me. If you are looking for a very Zen experience, book a massage with Nicole." Lisa L.

"Nicole is super awesome! She is strong, intuitive and sensitive to whatever is going on with your body. I love receiving massages from her. She provides "regular" full body massages, and prenatal massage for pregnant women." -A.L. 

"Nicole was absolutely amazing!!! I had lots of anxiety coming into meet her, we had been online friends for quite some time but never able to meet up in person!! My momma changed that for me when she purchased a gift card for me!!! Nicole was incredible..... She was calm and super soothing; she put all my anxieties and worries to rest!! She worked skillfully and very methodically with my body. I left feeling completely rejuvenated and ready to sleep.... As a full-time working mom I don't remember the last time I spent an hour on myself the way she did!! It was such a relaxing and renewing session.... The music was great- a calm, inviting, warm environment. I look forward to working with Nicole again in the near future and recommend alll my friends check her out!!! Your body will NOT be disappointed" -Calista T.


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